I’ve always been a development nerd…I geeked out about the MBTI in high school, have always read career development books for fun, loved presenting on any topic to any group of people, and over the past few years have had the opportunity to conduct workshops on various professional development topics to great groups of people.

So now I’ve decided to do some writing…well, blogging. This blog is a bit of an experiment…or a sketch I should say…I’m free-styling some lines and shapes, doing some shading here and there.

The goal is to help professionals, specifically young professionals, in planning and managing their careers…and maybe tell a good story or two. I hope to focus on four things:

1. Cover the “career basics”.

2. Share existing resources and work others are doing.

3. Create and share new ideas that can add to an already strong body of resources.

4. Tell a random story every now and then. I love a good story, and I want to practice telling them.

We’ll see what this sketch turns out to be…


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